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The AlcoSmart Professional is currently on offer for just £49.99. This is the most accurate semi-conductor model available in the UK today. There is also a dedicated Scotland and Northern Ireland Version available for the lower the 0.5% BAC drink driving level. This unit utilises an inbuilt rechargeable battery so you never have to worry about the batteries running out and the largest colour LCD display on the market place so it’s easy to see the results.

All of the breathalysers on this site are UK specification which means that they do not need recalibrating. Some are cheap one use breathalysers to keep in your pocket or handbag and others are reusable time and again. They all come with batteries where required as well as reusable straws where relevant.

To make our prices clear VAT is included in the sale prices displayed on the website. We are specialist retailers who have been stocking breath test equipment for over 11 years and we can do same day dispatch for all orders placed by 4pm Mon-Fri for delivery by Royal Mail (please select the next day delivery option in the basket if this is required, please note that this option does incur additional costs to standard delivery).

Do You Know when You Are Over The Limit?
Lets all be honest, many people find themselves in a position where they have had just a couple of drinks, they are now unsure whether or not it is safe to drive or not. For example after a business lunch or just a 'quick drink after work'. The uncertainty of the situation can make for an anxious drive home that could risk your licence and therefore livelihood.

The Morning After
In most recent years the early morning breath tests have become commonplace on the nation's roads. Motorists innocently driving to work after having consumed alcohol the previous evening can still find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whilst they may feel perfectly safe to drive, they are unaware that the amount of alcohol remaining in their system is enough to produce a positive reading.

The Penalties
The chart below gives the rough guidelines for penalties given for first time offenders. Please note that these are only approximate guidelines based on our informed understanding of the 'going rates' in the year 2016. Penalties for goods vehicles, large passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles would be higher. We would advise anyone facing prosecution to seek professional legal guidance.

OFFENCE: Driving while unfit
Endorse? Must
Disqualify? Must - 12 months
Max Penalty £5,000, 6 months prison
Likely Penalty £360 and longer disqualification possible

: Driving while over limit
Endorse? Must
Disqualify? Must - 12 months
Max Penalty £5,000, 6 months prison
Likely Penalty £360 and 2+ years disqualification (high levels)

OFFENCE: Failing to give specimen at roadside
Endorse? Must
Disqualify? May
Max Penalty £1,000
Likely Penalty Fine and period of disqualification

OFFENCE: Failing to give specimen at police station
Endorse? Must
Disqualify? Must - 12 months
Max Penalty £5,000, 6 months prison
Likely Penalty £400 and long disqualification

OFFENCE: In charge while unfit

Endorse? Must
Disqualify? May
Max Penalty £2,500
Likely Penalty £360

OFFENCE: In charge while over limit

Endorse? Must
Disqualify? May
Max Penalty £2,500, 3 months prison
Likely Penalty £360


Why Risk It!

What are the consequences of failing a roadside breath test.

  • Instantly stopped from continuing your journey and taken to the police station for blood test
  • The shame of being labelled a drunk driver by friends and neighbours
  • Would you be able to continue in your job?
  • The increased insurance cost when you get your licence back
  • How would the loss of mobility effect your families daily life?
This is without considering the consequences should you have an accident and cause harm to yourself and others should your reflexes and concentration not be as good as you thought they were.