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Last updated: 17/04/2014

AlcoSense One

Alcosense One

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About the Alcosense One

The Alcosense One is a reliable quality unit that everyone can afford. It is an entry level unit that hasnt compromised on its components. It uses MEMS sensors which is a new technology and similar prices products cant beat it. The breathalyser has been designed to be highly portable and easy to use. It measures only 19mm x 30mm x 16.5mm and weighs only 66 grams including batteries (2 x AAA). This means that you can take it anywhere and use it any time!

How It Works
To see what your alcohol reading is allyou have to do is:-

  1. turn the unit on
  2. wait for it to count down to zero
  3. blow until it beeps and shows your reading.

So you see it really couldnt be any easier! Your results are displayed in % BAC (percent of blood alcohol content). AlcoSense ONE reads up to 0.12%BAC – (this is 1.5 times the UK Limit which is 0.08%BAC). If you are over this limit it will stay at 0.12%BAC. The unit will display in increments of 0.01. If you wanted something that gives more detailed readings or read in mg/l you may wish to consider the Lite or Elite.

Approved - US Dept of Transport Standard
The AlcoSense ONE is approved by US Dept of Transport Standard for Hand Held Breathalysers, it is the lowest priced product EVER to meet and EXCEED the standards. The US has the same drink drive limit as we have here in the UK, we mention this standard as currently there is no UK breathalyser approval process or standard. Every AlcoSense unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. it an has industry leading accuracy of +/-0.02%BAC which is unique in this price range.


New ZERO™ Technology
The AlcoSense ONE features new ZERO™ technology which ensures that the unit always reads at it's best. ZERO™ technology can be explained by comparing it to zero-ing a set of scales. Using fresh air the user can regularly zero the unit. This almost elimates ‘sensor drift', where the sensor drifts out of calibration after a short period of use (this is a speciffic issue with many rival entry-level breathalysers).

AlcoSense™ ONE can be used again and again. To obtain the most accurate results it is recommended to wait one hour between tests. If you wish to do multiple tests in a short time we recommend considering the AlcoSense Lite or Elite.

Whats In The Box

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AlcoSense One Alcohol Breathalyser £24.99
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