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Alcosense Ultra Alcohol Breathalyser

Product Code: ASENU
Alcosense Ultra Alcohol Breathalyser
£249.95 inc. tax

£208.29 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Alcosense Ultra Alcohol Breathalyser Details

The AlcoSense Ultra uses the same 200mm² professional fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US & European Police Breathalysers, taking accuracy, reliability and dependability to a new level.

Supplied with 100 Mouthpieces worth £40
and carry case worth £10

AlcoSense Supplier

If youre looking for the ultimate personal breathalyser – we think youve found it. The culmination of 3 years of research and development, the AlcoSense Ultra takes accuracy, features and ease of se to a new level.

Designed from the ground up by AlcoSense in the UK with Patented new features, the Ultra packs the punch of a breathalyser twice its price and brings near Police accuracy into the reach of the consumer.

Police Pedigree

The AlcoSense Ultra is the first consumer breathalyzer in the world to use the same 200mm² professional fuel cell alcohol sensor as several UK, US & European Police Breathalyzers.

Professional Sampling System with Temperature Compensation

The AlcoSense Ultra uses a professional grade sampling system to ensure that only deep lung air (the most accurate part of the breath) is measured by the sensor. It uses professional grade sensors to measure the blow pressure, flow rate and volume of breath exhaled and takes a reading when 1 litre of air has been exhaled, ensuring the most accurate sample is always taken. To improve accuracy even further, readings are fine-tuned according to temperature. These sensors also allow the Ultra to get clever with BlowCoach™

Memory Recall & PC Connectivity

The AlcoSense Ultra will store 128 results in its on-board memory with date and time stamps, using USB and AlcoSenses software (available early 2016) the results can be downloaded to your Windows PC for analysis and record keeping.


Most issues while doing a breath test are caused by either blowing too hard, too soft or not for long enough, and with some products this can also cause inaccurate results. BlowCoach™ is a Patent Pending technology from AlcoSense which makes it simple to do the perfect test every time!

The Ultra shows you real-time on screen feedback of how youre blowing. All you need to do is keep the top pressure bar in the middle, and keep blowing until the bottom volume bar is full.

Blowing too softly Blowing at too softly
Blowing correctly Blowing correctly

Should you get it wrong, this is where the Ultra gets really clever. Using its on board sensors the Ultra diagnoses exactly why the test failed and gives you tailored tips so you can quickly get it right next time.

Blowing too hard

BlowCoach™ dramatically reduces the learning curve of using a breathalyzer and makes operation simple.

Eliminating Under-Reading

Every breathalyzer has an accuracy tolerance of +/- X.XX of the reading – the smaller the number the more accurate the breathalyzer claims to be. The AlcoSense Ultra has some clever software to eliminate the downside – i.e. instead of having a tolerance of +/-0.10‰BAC, the AlcoSense Ultras tolerance is +0.07‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC. This means the Ultra will read a little on the safe side, not too low and more three times as accurately as the award-winning AlcoSense Elite.

Any Limit in the World – Literally

At a click of button the AlcoSense Ultra will work with any limit, anywhere in the world! Just select the country/region youre driving in from the menu and using AlcoSenses patent pending technology the Ultra sets every up for you according to the local legislation. It sets the limit, unit of measure and blood breath conversion ratio to allow accurate readings in either blood alcohol or breath alcohol. Should a limit change the unit can be updated through a software download from our support section. Ideal for cross border or even cross continent travel.

AlcosenseUltra choose country

If you want to set your own self-imposed limit, for example maybe half the drink drive limit, you can do that too! Just select “Limit” from the main menu to adjust it to the limit you desire.

Award Winning Product Design

The AlcoSense Pro and Ultra won the prestigious 2016 Red Dot Award for Product Design. The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design prize awarded by the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. In 2016, a total of 5,216 products were assessed for the award by a jury of 41 independent design professionals. Past winners of the award include Apple in 2001, BMW in 2007, LG in 2008, Porsche Design in 2012, Lenovo in 2013, Bose in 2014 and Dell in 2015. You can find out more by clicking here.

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016

From the ground up, the product design communicates the AlcoSense Pro's core values of simplicity and precision.

Detailed, Easy to Understand Results

AlcoSense Ultra features a full colour 1.8 inch (48mm) TFT screen which gives clear and detailed readings of your alcohol level in your choice of breath (mg/L or µg/100mL) or blood (%BAC or ‰BAC) readings. If youre close to or over your chosen limit the Ultra will alert you not to drive.

No alcohol No alcohol
Up to 80% of the limit Up to 80% of the limit
Close to or over limit Close to or over limit

Time Until Sober & Retest Alarm

AlcoSense Ultra will even calculate how long it may take until youll be sober and show it with your results, see screen shots above and below. Want to have a reminder to re-test again later? No problem, just press the alarm icon and the Ultra will alert you to retest again later.

Sober in time shown with results, press the bell icon to set a re-test reminder Sober in time shown with results, press the bell icon to set a re-test reminder
Easily adjust when the timer will remind you to re-test Easily adjust when the timer will remind you to re-test

Memory Recall

The Ultra will store 128 test results with both the date and time of the test.

Backlit “Twin” Blow Tube Receptor

The Ultra features a backlit blow tube receptor so its easy to put a blow tube even in low light. The Ultra works with both the “Pro” mouthpieces which feature a one-way valve to eliminate contamination from previous tests for ultimate accuracy, or the “regular” blow tubes used by the AlcoSense Lite and Elite.

Ultra Backlit

Re-Calibration Alert

Any breathalyzer requires re-calibration after a period of use, the AlcoSense Ultra has an industry leading calibration period of 12 months from the first time you use it. To improve reliability and user friendliness AlcoSense Ultra reminds you to recalibrate after 11 months of use. When calibration expires just post it to us and we will recalibrate it using Police spec Breath Alcohol Simulators and return it to you within 5 working days.

Temperature Alerts

If a breathalyzer is used outside its operating temperatures you can get erroneous readings due to temperature affecting the quality of the reaction inside the sensor. For your safety and protection AlcoSense Pro will alert you if the unit goes outside its operating range (note the operating temperature is the temperature of the unit, not the surrounding air temperature) of 5°C~40°C. This means that, unlike rival brands, the Pro will never let you perform a test when you could get an unreliable result.

Saturation Protection

Unlike rival brands, AlcoSense Ultra also protects you from inaccuracy caused by “Sensor Saturation”. Sensor Saturation can affect any breathalyzer, including Police units and is caused when extremely high levels of alcohol are blown directly into the sensor. Normally this happens when a breath test is performed shortly after drinking when alcohol is still present in the mouth, and the sensor becomes overloaded, known as “saturation”. Readings taken after a saturation event can be unreliable until the sensor recovers. For your safety and protection, rather than allowing potentially unreliable readings to be shown, AlcoSense Ultra will enter a protection mode which allows the sensor to recover before allowing further tests.

Quality & Reliability Assured

The AlcoSense Ultra is manufactured under ISO13485 conditions, the benchmark in medical device quality systems. After calibration, each unit is then tested 3 times for accuracy before leaving the factory meaning that the Ultra is a device you can rely on.

pro quality


Suitable for Consumer Use, Medical Use, Workplace Use
Awards Red Dot Product Design Award 2016
Certified Standard ISO13485
Product Accuracy +0.07‰BAC, -0.00‰BAC
Sensor Type Fuel Cell
Sensor Size (sq. mm) 200 sq. mm
Police Sensor Same fuel cell sensor as used in several UK, US and European Police breathalysers
Breath Sampling System Professional
Don't Drive Alert When Close to Limit Yes
Adjustable Dont Drive Alert Level Adjustable - Any Limit Worldwide, Adjustable - Any UK/Irish/Scottish Limit
Features - Ease of Use Backlit Mouthpiece Receiver, BlowCoach - live on-screen blowing feedback, Don't Drive Alert When Close to Limit, Download Results to PC, Re-Calibration Reminder, Re-Test Alarm, Shows Estimated Time Until Sober, USB Port for Updates & Improvements
Features - Accuracy Breath Sampling Sensors, Sensor Overload Protection, Sensor Purge for Better Accuracy, Temperature Compensation
Unit of Measure %BAC (Blood Alc), mg/L (Breath Alc), µg/100mL (Breath Alc), ‰BAC (Blood Alc)
Reading Detail Up to 3 decimal places
Max Reading (‰BAC) 4.0
Test Memory 128 Tests
Screen Size (Diagonal) 48mm
Screen Type Full Colour TFT
Mouthpiece Type Blow Tubes, Professional Mouthpieces
Re-Calibration Period 12 Months
Re-Calibration Cost £24.99 inc VAT
Expiry Date No
Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 107 x 55 x 29 mm
Product Weight 152g (Including Batteries)
In The Box 1 Breathalyzer, 100 Professional Mouthpieces, 3 x AAA Batteries, Carry Case, Instruction Manual, Micro USB Cable
Warranty 12 Months
EAN 5060318910168

Media Reviews

The Guardian Breathalyzer Review

 "Designed in the UK, both breathalysers offer levels of accuracy, reliability and consistency that we as consumers have not been able to access until now."

"The units have several excellent features. They are pre-loaded with all the different limits in every country, so if travelling in Europe, for instance, you wouldnt be caught out by different levels when crossing borders. Also, they feature an estimated time until sober with an alarm that alerts you to re-test again when it is likely you will be safe to drive. The AlcoSense Pro costs £129.99 (£149.99 from February 2016) and the Ultra is £249.99 – which isnt cheap but considering the alternatives could be a bargain."

Read the full review here.


 Logo Total 911


"The most accurate over-the-counter device currently available...Even compared to the hugely complicated static devices found in police stations (worth upwards of £10,000), the reliability and accuracy of the AlcoSense Ultra is hugely impressive, partly thanks to a new software calibration technique that prevents the device from under-reading.However,it is the day-to-day usability of the AlcoSense Ultra that should be its main selling point"

"...the device enables you to select literally any drink drive limit from around the world (from Australia to the UAE), making it the perfent partner for cross-country road trips,"

'Combined with its stylish and ergonomic design (the blowhole, for example, lights up for ease of use in the dark) the AlcoSense Ultra more than justifies its price making it a must-have for those who truly value their licence.."

Read the full article here 


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